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You Deserve More Than a Just a Pretty Website

Many website designers are skilled graphic artists, building beautiful websites boasting the latest “cool” technology.

But does “cool” sell?

How many times have you invested in a beautiful website, only to experience nothing…absolute crickets…when it comes to generating business for your company?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You deserve a website that works for your business.

At PizazzDesign we do more than design pretty websites. We turn your website into the MONEY-MAKING machine it was intended to be.

We are passionate about your business and committed to make your website work for you by making sure it has –

Clear Messaging

Don’t confuse your visitors. Clear and simple messaging beats clever and cute every day. Let customers know how your business benefits them. They don’t care about features. They care about outcomes. It’s that simple!

A Distinct Purpose

If you’re not positioning your business as a solution to your customers’ problems, you’re missing the boat. Your website should focus on your customer, not you. Most companies get that wrong. It’s that simple!

Generates Leads

Find out who’s visiting your website by collecting their email address with an effective lead magnet. Then nurture the relationship using an automated process that converts them from a prospect into a happy customer. It’s that simple!

How We Help

At PizazzDesign we make it simple for you to get your message out to customers. In today’s noisy and distracted marketplace, we clarify your message so customers will listen, using a proven framework that collects leads and grows your business. We do that by –

Whole Brand Identity

Clarify your message by describing how you help your customers survive and thrive, then use it in all your marketing materials – online and print.

Website Design & Development

A website that works invites visitors into a compelling narrative showing them how your business solves their problems.

Sales Funnel Creation

Automate your marketing efforts using nurturing  email drips that transform interested prospects and visitors into happy customers.

Lead Magnet Generation

A lead magnet enables you to collect email addresses from web visitors and later show up in your prospects’ inboxes.


These corporations plus hundreds of small businesses and non-profits have trusted us over the years.


Blueprint for the Perfect Website

Is your website really working for your business or is it basically an online brochure? Boost your business by collecting more leads and converting visitors to customers. Learn how with this FREE step-by-step blueprint!

Brian Lorenson - Pass-to-Pass

As a small volunteer run non-profit we needed help setting up our new website and Susan was fantastic. She took our ideas and helped create a great, professional looking site that we are very proud of. Susan was a so helpful and knowledgeable and easy to work with. A great listener and technically spot on. Thank you Susan!

Brian Lorenson

Treasurer & Board Member / Pass-to-Pass
Larry Sleep - Lawrence Group

I have sent Susan many leads over the years and she has consistently over-delivered. She  is a pro with a keen sense for marketing. I always think of her FIRST when I receive inquiries from my clients. Thanks for all of the support over the years, Susan. You’ve been a significant reason for the success of my company.

Larry Sleep

President / Lawrence Group
Thor Bjorson - Thor's Fine Edges

Susan is a great person and a highly skilled web designer. I came into the process knowing absolutely nothing about web design, and she was patient, kind and helpful. I was thrilled with the outcome of my site and would recommend her without hesitation to absolutely anyone who needs website design and marketing help.

Thor Bjornson

Entrepreneur / Thor’s Fine Edges
Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification
Hubspot SEO Certification
Hubspot inbound marketing certification
Google Ad Search Certified

Your Future Website… A Sales Machine

At PizazzDesign we know you want to grow your business, and you want a website that is designed to do just that. In an increasingly noisy and distracted marketplace, it’s hard to get the attention of customers and harder, still, to have them understand how you can help them. While it’s true, many web designers can design pretty websites, most are not marketers.
So where does that leave you? Frustrated and confused! Frustrated by wasting money on a pretty online brochure that generates absolutely no business for you. And confused because you have no idea how to make your website the effective marketing tool it is meant to be.
That’s where we come in. At PizazzDesign, we are web designers and marketers passionate about your business. That’s why we approach every project using a proven framework where we obsess on the sales “story,” long before logos and pictures are even considered. We know it’s words that sell. Design is the icing on the cake.
So if you’re ready to turn your website into a sales machine, here’s how it works – 1) Book a call with me, Susan Smith, so we can discuss your needs, 2) Together we’ll create the wireframe that will become your sales narrative, and 3) Add your branding to develop a website that works for your business. It’s that simple! And what’s great, too, is that you’ll have a clear and simple sales narrative that you can use on all of your marketing materials, both online and print.
Stop wasting your money on an online brochure that does nothing for your business and get started on a website that works and digital marketing that delivers. 

Say goodbye to…

Wasting your money on an online brochure that doesn’t do anything for your business.

And hello to…

Clarifying your message with a website that works and digital marketing that delivers.

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2. Create Message

Together we’ll develop a wireframe with messaging that is clear and highlights how your business solves problems, helping customers survive and thrive.

3. Develop Website

Then we’ll add the branding and create a website that works for your business by attracting your ideal customer, collecting leads and generating revenues.

Blueprint for the Perfect Website

Is your website really working for your business or is it basically an online brochure? Boost your business by collecting more leads and converting visitors to customers. Learn how with this FREE step-by-step blueprint!